Covid Craziness

By Mike Johnson

More lock-downs? They closed the entire economy for months and it didn’t stop covid. Might as well try bloodletting.

Why haven't our public health officials shared ways to strengthen and maintain our immune systems?

Why hasn’t the mainstream media spotlighted the best vitamins/supplements to strengthen immune systems?

The vast majority of us have not, and will not, be greatly sickened by covid. Why? Our #1 defense – a healthy immune system – has stopped it.

Our immune systems are the critical first defense. Everyone doesn’t catch a cold. Everyone doesn’t catch the flu. Everyone doesn’t catch covid.

Why? A healthy immune system stopped it.

Our immune systems are far more important than the shallow advice of washing hands, hiding from people and wearing masks that have holes 60 times larger than the tiny virus.

Yet our “experts” say nothing about immune systems.

Why are “experts,” “authorities” and mainstream media only offering suggestions that cause fear, victimhood and dependency on government, the medical industry or some fast-tracked vaccine?

Instead, we could be taught (or teach ourselves) to remain healthy and medically self-sufficient without the masks and social distancing and destruction of the economy.

Something diabolical is afoot. At the least, it’s group insanity. At the worst, it’s the purposeful destruction of the American economy, culture and society.

Just last night, we re-watched the movie, “You’ve Got Mail” which was based in New York City. The movie had no masks. No social distancing. Full restaurants and shops and streets. People laughing, talking and crying face-to-face. It was a good reminder of how much “normal” we have lost.

I remind you that “normal” had existed for Americans until March of 2020. All of us had enjoyed normal for our entire lives until these past 8 months. This covid interlude is a violent and suspicious aberration that has no rational basis in science or fact or critical thinking.

I remind you that only 3 people have died with a covid diagnosis in Park County. Only 61 in the entire state of Wyoming. This represents less than 1% of the state's annual deaths.

According to the CDC, 99.97% of us will survive a bout with covid.

Yet 100% of us have had our lives turned upside down. With no sign the authorities will ever stop ordering us around. Tell them to pound sand. And take a critical thinking class.

Unless you live in a pressurized iron lung, you can’t hide from any virus. You’re going to get it or not. You’re going to get sick or not. You’re going to live or not. If covid doesn’t get you, Father Time or 10,000 other perils will. Critical thinkers don’t trade the best parts of their life to hide from some low-probability, hyped-up bug.

Snap out of it! Do your own research. Search outside your normal information bubble. You’ll be amazed at what you’re not told. If you’re not in a vulnerable group, claim your legal medical exemption from wearing masks (everyone qualifies because masks harm everyone). Leave your house. Show your face. The sunshine and fresh air strengthen your immune system. There’s nothing wrong with the air.

Just like cold or flu statistics, the constant reporting of covid cases mean nothing. Why? You understand risk calculation, can critically think and have a healthy immune system.


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