Wallet Wisdom Trumps Conventional Wisdom

By Mike Johnson

Wallet Wisdom earns 10% to 100% on your money.

Conventional wisdom brags about earning 5%.

Real inflation is running 17% (ShadowStats.com) so most conventional wisdom ideas are LOSING purchase power, not gaining.

Here are a few easy, obvious ways to earn 10% to 100% on your money.

* Shop sales. Buy-one-get-one free sales on items you already use or consume is the same as getting 100% return on your investment. Buy 4. Buy 6. Buy 10. Some food & household item prices are rising 30% per year. Buy more now, & you gain. Buy more now when on sale, & you gain much more. If the items are non-perishable buy as many as you can store.

* Pay-off your credit card balance each month. You save 14% to 21% interest forever.

* Buy gas at discount. Get a card at a fleet account station or buy at Costco. Savings can reach 10%.

Finance is upside down. We live in a world where a $100,000 bank CD only grows 3% per year. A case of Spam grows 30% in value per year. Plus it's in your possession, there's no counter-party risk & you can eat it or trade it.

Wallet Wisdom realizes digits & dollars are losing value. So convert them into things that are not. Things you can touch & control. If those things generate savings -- or even better -- income, you gain multiple ways.

This especially works with big things. Farm land, precious metals, viable passive businesses and income properties can be bought at discount, earn income, grow in value, increase your freedom and are more secure than melting digits & dollars.

When money is melting, the faster you convert it to things that do not melt -- or grow faster than the rate of melt -- the better off you are.


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