You're Making Life Too Hard

By Mike Johnson

You're making life way too hard. I did the same.

Conquering time & money took me 40 years. With a redo, I could do it in five. Maybe even one.

That's the power of knowledge & perspective & clarity.

I didn't invent the solution. I just copied others who already had.

It's genius in its simplicity. It's only difficult in direct proportion to how much you have to tweak your self-worth, self-image, self-discipline & self-confidence.

It also greatly matters who gets your ear. If you still respect authority & conventional wisdom, you'll never get here.

To achieve something rare, you need to believe something rare & do something rare.

This means you'll need to leave the herd & become your own expert.

You'll need to be contrarian enough to believe that when it comes to your life, you're the smartest person in the room.

The shortcut is to study people who have already achieved what you want. Then adapt their path to your personality & skills & desires.

After making the journey myself, it's easy to sit in my rocker and offer advice. Most will never follow.

But you might.

That's why I keep posting here. If I can save you decades of struggle, perhaps you'll have a happier life & spread that happiness to others.

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