The Hooters Retirement Plan

By Mike Johnson

I had three retirement plans.

1. File a class-action lawsuit against all females born after Genesis for stealing my rib.

2. Apply as a waitress at Hooters & negotiate a big settlement when they declined.

3. Find a way to buy passive income.

#1 was appealing because the evidence seemed well-documented.

#2 was appealing because there was no obvious down side.

I chose #3 because it was closer to the boundaries of my comfort zone. It also kept me married. I chose passive income.

But it had to be legal, moral and fairly fill a human need. I wanted to sidestep both Hooters AND Looters.

I chose multi-family residential rentals. Specifically, mobile home parks.

I could just buy a proven, already-producing, mostly passive income property and gain quick financial and time freedom. I could buy dozens of rent streams at once, at the lowest cost-per-rent stream, and rent the lots only, avoiding dwelling repairs and gain tenants who rarely move.

There are many other good reasons, including the growing need for affordable housing and the magical equity mathematics that don't apply to other businesses.

If you don't want a retirement plan that involves lawsuits, consider this: Income Property Saves Decades


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