Pop Bottle Prosperity

By Mike Johnson

Remember finding empty bottles and returning them for the 5 or 10 cent deposit?

No you don't, because the kids who did that are now dead or 106 and don't remember.

But I do. It turns out that ten states still issue deposit refunds for empty bottles.

There's your $4.00 business idea. Now scale it and turn it into a million dollar idea.

Did you mow lawns for money when you were a kid? Despite the i-Phone alternate reality, grass still grows. People are busier than ever. Lawnmowers can be bought new for $150. Low cost of entry.

Did you ever babysit for money? There's a shortage of good, affordable daycare just about everywhere. I'd never subject myself to whiny kids. But I bet I could hire people who enjoy it.

It takes so little to see what's missing & start a business to provide it.

The trick is to earn so much income that you're free of running the joint yourself & it passively replaces your job paycheck.

Or you could just learn how to buy an already-proven, existing, mostly-passive business or income property & skip all that uncertainty & risk.

Why not add a little pop of prosperity to your personhood?

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