Time Time Time Time Time Time Time Money

By Mike Johnson

That's the value ratio between time and money.

At least for me.

Two decades ago, I learned something amazing. When you borrow money to buy the right passive income property, you don't have to repay any money or repay any time.

By their rent payments, tenants pay the mortgage, all property expenses, a manager to run the property and all your personal bills too.

No one has to repay the time you gain by no longer having to work a job or submit to a work schedule.

The right income property is not only "free," it provides financial and time freedom!

Let that sink in for a minute.

Here come the "yea, buts."

The biggest one is "Yea, but I don't have enough money to buy a property."

I got my first and most profitable income property with just $1,000 down. What I lacked in money, I made up for with knowledge, guile, writing and people skills.

Can everyone do this? No.

Can the highly motivated do it? Yes.

The best part of this journey to financial and time freedom is that the learning and buying can occur around your job.

What is it worth to you to gain decades of free time?

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