Mike's Musical Money Manifesto

By Mike Johnson

Wish every day was Saturday?

You'll never make that happen by following the herd. What's needed is a new thought. A new plan. A rejection of the status quo.

Instead of renting your stagnant income from some job, you can own it with an income-producing, ever-growing asset.

Instead of trading priceless time for common money, you can earn passive income and gain priceless time.

If you're tired of your time and money being determined by the whim of some boss, perhaps it's time you read my money manifesto.

I left jobs decades ago. I needed more freedom and more security.

First as a freelancer, then as an entrepreneur and finally, I discovered the magic mathematics of income properties.

The past decade has been heaven. Passive income. Early retirement.

I still enjoy the herd but am not tied to its limits. Every day is Saturday.

I didn't invent this plan. I just followed the path of other people who'd already achieved what I desired. You can do the same.

Access my free money manifesto here: Mike's Musical Money Manifesto


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