The Day We Bought the Farm

By Mike Johnson

In 2011, on Halloween, we accidentally bought the farm.

It didn't kill us, but with quizzical looks from neighbors, it seemed like a viewing.

It was an accident because we'd traveled 800 miles to look at a trailer park. We didn't like the park, but the nearby farm listing had captured my attention.

As soon as the barn became visible, Margie knew we were in trouble.

Six acres, 1926 farmhouse, 11 outbuildings & a shelter-belt grove for just $79,900.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

The place had sat empty two years & was a big fixer-upper.

In Southwest Minnesota, my childhood state. Off exit #1, it was as close to Wyoming as a Minnesota location could be.

Hatfield, MN, population 53.

Into the soup we jumped. And swam. Cleaned. Cut brush. Demolished. Rehabbed. Wrote checks. A lot of checks.

We spent two summers there, working like happy dogs, playing farmer, turning that hobby farm into a showplace.

A great adventure & we saved the farm.

In August, 2013, we sold it to a young couple with three kids.

Hatfield, MN, now population 58.

People there still wonder why that couple from Wyoming dropped in. That adventure was a gift to all.

The moral? Opportunities show themselves when you get off the couch. I thought we were buying a trailer park & we bought the farm instead.


The Sales Flyer we created for our renovated Red Barn Farm


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