Are You Smarter Than a Border Collie?

By Mike Johnson

My healthy, perfect-weight border collie sleeps through the night. This is no accident. I control her food. Use play as exercise. Take her outside before bed.

Once, due to my inattention, she ate a bag of garbage. She woke me four times that night. Once to clean up barf & three trips outside for you-know-what.

Usually a smart dog & smart human, we both felt stupid.

Garbage in, garbage out.

The same occurs in human minds. Consume the wrong information & weíre barfing garbage & pooping misguided opinions on our friends.

Dogs see garbage as an easy, free meal. They never stop to consider what garbage does to them.

Mainstream media is also easy & free to consume. Camouflaged by suits, big hair & the illusion of authority, it goes down easy.

Yet itís garbage. Not accidental garbage. Itís purposeful, divisive, fake, hidden-agenda, propaganda garbage. On a global scale.

It takes a lifetime of proactive, non-mainstream research to reach this stunning certainty & perspective. Few make the journey.

If mainstream media is your regular diet, everything you know may be wrong.

Now youíre pooping all over us.

Break the cycle. Stop swallowing garbage. Better food exists.


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