Wealth is a Choice

By Mike Johnson

Unlike Richie Rich, most of the financially wealthy are first-generation rich. Like everyone else, they were born naked & dealt a randomized hand. Natural talents. Physical limitations. Parent(s) with flaws. Some abuse, some love, lots of indifference.

“The Rich” developed an interest in accumulating money & assets. They are no better than “The Plumber,” “The Athlete,” “The Waiter,” “The Mother.” Everyone develops some area of expertise.

Wealthy people enjoy sharing how they did it. Ask 10 people their story & nine will happily chat. Eight will provide specific advice. Five will agree to informally mentor. But you have to ask.

The difference between the financially rich & the financially poor boils down to interest, study, passion & action.

Everyone has the potential to excel in any area of life they focus upon. Human beings are resilient with untapped potential.

Hating the haves because you have-not, merely reveals a refusal to look deeper into the topic. No one is trapped. There is always information & advice that opens the jail. But it requires thinking new thoughts.

We all face challenges, setbacks, mental & physical issues. Each copes in her own way. Each excels in his areas of interest. Each owns the potential to be more.

In a sea of infinite choices, wealth is just another choice.


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