Woodpile Wisdom

By Mike Johnson

To stay warm in winter you have to stack wood in summer. To turn every day into Saturday, you have to self-educate on Monday. Small steps, taken daily, multiplied by time, lead to amazing destinations.

Our woodpile attracts a whole gang of woodland creatures. Chipmunks, squirrels, prairie dogs & birds of all varieties. Feeding them brings us much joy.

The border collie maintains order, herding critters back to the top of the pile. The squirrels know her limits & enjoy teasing by arriving & departing by tree, just out of reach.

I don't cut my own wood anymore. I buy it. My time is too valuable.

On my journey to passive income, I used to trade time for money at a job. This was the worst use of my time.

Then I traded my time for money as a freelance writer. This was better, but still a bad trade of precious time.

Then I traded my time by starting businesses. This both worked & failed. It took massive amounts of time.

Finally, I traded my time learning how to gain passive income. This was the very best use of my time.

It turns out that I could've skipped those middle steps & gone directly from job to passive income by just BUYING a proven business or income property.

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