The Magic of Comic Books

By Mike Johnson

The magical feelings of childhood tattooed me good. Iíve spent my life trying to recapture those feelings.

I'd somehow lost my childhood comic book collection during my late teen years. So a few years ago, my desire for their return led to e-Bay. Iíve been buying 1960s comic books since. Iím surprised at how much joy they bring.

I only buy ďreaders,Ē not the expensive, pristine graded books that stay boarded & wrapped. I want to touch, smell & luxuriate in the 60-year-old comics.

I love the vivid, colorful covers, the cheesy stories & those old ads!

X-ray Spex, Sea-Monkeys, cardboard submarines & opportunities to sell seeds for cash & prizes.

Iím tempted to mail $1.25 & the 1962 coupon for 100 toy soldiers. The address doesnít even have a zip code.

These were the days when comics sold boys BB guns, chemistry sets & (no lie) an ďexploding hand grenade.Ē

They sold girls nurse instruction, fashion wigs & 100 little dolls for $1.

For 12 cents, kids received a million bucks of imagination.

Much can change in 60 years.

I'm hanging on to what I can.


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