No Death Today

By Mike Johnson

January 21, mildest winter we've ever had here at 6,670 elevation. Virtually no snow below 8,000. Deer are fat and happy. Border collie is used to their presence.

When there's enough, everyone gets along.

More accurately, when they limit their focus to their daily routine, everyone gets along.

The border collie isn't stressed that a chihuahua won an election. The mule deer isn't concerned that whitetails are immigrating into the forest.

Neither worry about what's coming tomorrow.

One is totally dependent on humans for survival. One is totally dependent on itself for survival. Both seem happy.

Live and let live.

Outside events could kill them both tomorrow. They never give it a thought. They fully live until they die.

A cartoon stopped me cold yesterday.

Charlie Brown: "One day we will all die, Snoopy."
Snoopy: "True. But on all the other days we will not."

Statistically, today will be one of "all the other days." No death today.

Live like you know it.


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