Watching Elk

By Mike Johnson

Saturdays are for dreams. Dreams usually inhabit the future. But what of dreams achieved in the past? No need for imagination, they blast their reality, interrupting us in the present.

Oh yea. I did that. I live HERE.

Six cars were pulled over in my valley yesterday to admire these elk. All were locals, yet we all took the time to admire the majesty.

As it should be.

There was a time decades ago, when wife & I were only visitors here. This valley was just another choice in a world with infinite choice. Deciding to move here would require turning our life upside down.

Yet we selected the dream & made the journey.

Most dreams never come true. We should appreciate the ones that do. We should appreciate them deeply. And often.

Watering achievement with appreciation encourages the growth of more.

But it also thanks us for all the work it took to gain this moment.

This valley is majestic. But the journey was epic.

Marinate in both at once?



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