Opinions & Beliefs

By Mike Johnson

Over 63 years Iíve developed lots of opinions & beliefs. Not a damn one of them are real. Theyíre just thoughts I keep thinking.

Arguing over thoughts is basically saying, the thoughts in my head are better than the thoughts in your head.

Maybe they are.

I can PROVE my thoughts are better by offering more thoughts to back up the first thoughts. Iíll recite experience that I think is better than your experience. Iíll recite sources that I think are better than your sources. Iíll deliver my thoughts in compelling, concise constructions.

But these too, are just thoughts.

What happens if I ignore some thoughts? Or stop thinking them? Or replace them with different thoughts?

Our mind is just software weíve written on the fly.

Our brain is the hardware that makes our body dance to the code.

Think an angry thought, launch a chemical, create a disease.

Think a loving thought, launch a chemical, create glowing skin.

Nobody forces thoughts. We select them. Consciously or unconsciously.

Everything we say or write reveals the software we're obeying.

With a sprinkle of awareness, this is CHANGEABLE.


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