Oprah Hasn't Called

By Mike Johnson

Oprah hasn't called. Nor have book publishers, movie producers or Tibetan monks.

Type "inspirational columns" into Google & I come up #1 in the entire world. This has been the case for a good five years.

Type worldsbestwriter into Google & I'm #1 there too. But put space between those words & I disappear. Fame is fickle.

I imagine my being a recluse is putting off a vibe. Truthfully, I'd rather just stay home than fly off to some talk show. Too many hassles in travel & far too peoplely for me. I guess I could tolerate a Zoom interview.

Picking a good domain name is half the battle. Fleshing it out with lots of valuable, free content also earns search engine ranks.

Thirty years ago, I wrote my first inspirational column. I've been writing ever since. Success builds over time. Libraries of content multiply over time.

I made a good living as a freelance writer. But the real gains came from applying those writing skills to my own projects. And even more, applying the learning & self-discovery to my own soul.

Over the decades, perhaps millions of people have read some piece of my work. 99.9% never reported back to me.

But one person read 100% of my work. That's the audience who was really saved by it.

By writing to others, I'm writing to myself.


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