My Book

By Mike Johnson

Thoughts are the ghosts that run your life. They're the ancestor of every manifestation. They're the "who" in every whodunit.

This isn't always apparent. It takes experience & extensive study in forensic manifestation to even begin to control this force. Many never grasp the concept before they expire.

This is why books exist. We need help to maximize our gain from this incarnation.

The best books capture the best thoughts. Once written, others can harvest the fruits of lifetimes, without the toil of growing the orchard.

After 65 years, I am arrogant enough to believe I can add to earth's library. Humble enough to bury the lead deep in this post.

I finished my book.

It's not my first. I've spared you the other four efforts. One was horrible. One was adequate. Two others are actually helpful enough to still hang around.

But this, this is my opus.

I didn't bother putting it in print. It's digital. It doesn't come to you, you go to it. It's priceless, but costs no money. The only cost is a promise -- when your life improves -- pay it forward.

I value the concise. So my book has one-page "chapters."

Over 800 of them so far. Read in any order. Destiny selects.

It's all you need for a successful inner & outer life.

Quite the promise.


Here it is: Right Here. Enjoy.


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