Dumpster-Diving Bears

By Mike Johnson

Because we live in Grizzly & Black bear habitat, our community dumpster has a padlock. What is garbage to us, is a bearís next easy meal.

Once they identify a place with food, a bear keeps returning until he gets in trouble with people. If a first offense, they capture & move him somewhere else. Multiple offenders get euthanized. A fed bear is a dead bear.

Because we live on a mountain, our dumpster is two miles lower, closer to the main road to town.

You learn a lot about your neighbors by looking in that dumpster.

Few people think of others as they dispose their trash. Boxes arenít broken down, taking up valuable space. The front side of the dumpster is full while the backside (with an inconvenient separate lock) is empty. Large items supposed to be taken to the dump are sometimes left on the ground.

We of course, break down boxes & toss our tied bags into the back corners of the dumpster first, leaving the prime front for others.

Some people sort their lives considering the needs of others. Most people sort by self.

What you do when nobody is looking reveals which you are.

What you leave behind tells everyone else.


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