My Frisbee Dogs

By Mike Johnson

I wanted a Frisbee dog since I was 20. At 30 I rescued a white German Shepard who'd lazily catch a few just to humor me. At 40 I got serious & rescued a Border Collie.

She didn't play Frisbee with me, I played Frisbee with HER. Border Collies live to work. If you don't give them a job they make one up. Millie's job was catching Frisbees. She worked it (me) full-time.

We entered contests in Montana, Colorado & Idaho. Wyoming didn't have one so we started our own. The folks at Skyhoundz were happy to send the turnkey contest package. Always in the top 10, we finally won a contest & retired.

Millie lived to age 15 before breaking my heart, as all dogs do when they depart to doggie heaven. I've rescued & loved two other Border Collies since. Penny is my current BC best friend.

Training a Border Collie to catch & return Frisbees is usually a quick process. Just buy the lightest 30 to 50 foot lead, hook her up & throw the Frisbee. They want to chase & catch, it's the returning that takes the training. Just keep reeling her in until she realizes the faster she returns it, the sooner she gets another throw.

So why is this important? This is REAL life. We work to get more of this.

Now you know more of the back story of JeansAndaDog.

Pictured: Millie, on the cover of the Billings Gazette


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