Are You As Fixated as a Hummingbird?

By Mike Johnson

The tiny beauty flew into our 30-foot-tall barn & became fixated on a high window. He kept flying into it, expecting to get through the glass & back outside.

So we opened the big overhead doors & left him alone for 30 minutes, hoping he’d find the other exits.

Nope. He kept throwing himself against the same glass.

So I extended the 20-foot ladder and climbed up to the top rung.

I gently scooted him off the window sill with a stick, where he was resting, exhausted. He immediately started flailing the glass. He was relentless with his single-mindedness.

Finally, I shut all the doors, cupped him in my hands & released him outside. He flew off like a dart.

The bird never realized there were many other easier ways to escape besides that high window.

And that is why hard work is a big mistake. The more we fixate and flail, the less we see other opportunities.

For a deeper look at this contrarian concept, read “Why Hard Work is a Big Mistake”


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