My 67 Cougar

By Mike Johnson

I loved the Vega but the car I miss the most is the 67 Cougar. It cost $50 & the stereo I put in cost $100. The car had no title.

I kept a yellow crash helmet on my front seat. I'd put it on at lights & rev the engine until the person next to me laughed.

I kept a spare tire in the back seat. When one of my bald tires popped (often), I'd just leave the old tire & rim on the shoulder & slap on the spare.

The passenger door wouldn't open so the gal I was dating happily climbed out the window -- even when I took her to the swanky Ritz on St Pete Beach.

You learn a lot about a woman with a busted passenger door.

So I married her.

I'm still with the wife. Somebody stole the Cougar & due to not having a title, I could never even report it.

I keep the marriage license in a safe place, just in case.


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