Under the Direction of Ron Howard

By Mike Johnson

Few know that I acted in a major motion picture under the direction of Ron Howard. My performance appeared with Mathew McConaughey, Jenna Elfman, Ellen DeGeneres, Martin Landau & Woody Harrelson.

Impressed? Don't be. Words are slippery. All of the above is true. But here is the back story.

I was visiting Los Angeles & scored tickets to The Jay Leno Show. The show producers asked the audience to stay after the show to help film a Jay Leno scene for the movie "Ed TV."

Sure, I'll do that.

Out walks Ron Howard to direct the scene. He gives all 300 of us the overview of the scene & asks us to laugh, cheer or clap when he gives the sign. Jay & Mathew film the scene in a couple takes. I (and 300 of my costars) perform our roles perfectly.

I'm not visible in the movie but my laugh, cheer & clap is in there somewhere.

Remember this story when reviewing resumes. Or reading job descriptions. Or watching TV news. Or listening to "leaders."

Words are flexible. They can be shaped to amplify one thing while hiding another. They can distract. Omit. Mislead. Embellish. Yet still be technically "true" while being de facto lies.

Trust me, I know. I acted under the direction of Ron Howard.


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