Don't Trust Authority

By Mike Johnson

I don't trust authority. I don't trust the media. I don't trust words over actions.

This is why what seems "right" & "real" to you looks totally ridiculous to me. You trust sources I don't trust. I did the research.

Of course it's easier to just passively believe what you're told by leaders & media & friends without doing any of your own independent research. Authority tells you something one day & you parrot it to me the next day as your own opinion. It's kind of cute.

Human nature has many weaknesses. Positions of authority attract people with these weaknesses. Once in power, character-challenged leaders work against the very people they claim to "serve." They just say what you want to hear & then secretly do something you would never approve.

Is it every leader? No. But the number of bad are so statistically high that all should be viewed with doubt.

That these bad leaders fool so many lazy minds to evangelize for them is really dispiriting. I'd like to think my friends are smarter than that.

Lazy minds will always exist. But their opinions should never carry the same weigh as self-educated people who have done the work to know better. Especially involving issues that affect the rest of us.

Everyone has a voice but every voice does not carry the same value.

Choose wisely.


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