Mike Interviewed: How to Escape Captivity

By Mike Johnson

Just two freedom guys chatting about how to escape captivity.

If you've had it with confinement, costumes, kooky coworkers & conscription to calendars, you just might want to listen in.

Curt Mercadante is in the midst of an extended USA walkabout (with his family!), is an author, podcaster, speaker, trainer & coach, barely working a couple hours a day. He looks snazzy in that beard.

I've built an ark, in the middle of somewhere, become a recluse & thanks to passive income, don't work at all. Flannel is my suit of choice.

You can trust us both because we used to be younger & now we're much older. That doesn't just happen by accident.

Curt is an excellent interviewer & he captured our conversation on tape. Or digits. Or outer space. Now it's on the interwebs. Just click the link below & it plays.

If you're impressed by celebrity endorsements, Bluto in "Animal House," kinda gave us one.

"Grab a beer. It don't cost nuthin."


Access Curt & Mike's "How to Gain Freedom" conversation: HERE


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