Where Should I Invest?

By Mike Johnson

Financial freedom requires taking long-term actions in a short-term world. This is especially challenging today with Covid, melting dollars, supply shortages, financial system instability & increasing numbers of angry, desperate people.

Yet opportunity always exists within challenge. People ask my advice on where to invest their savings.

First, cover survival. Pretend the grid goes down for months. Food, water, power, heat, security, medicine, radios & personal hygiene supplies must be stored within your home. Get current on medical, dental & eye care needs. Buy physical, hold-in-your-hand how-to books.

Second, learn a skill that doesn't require employment. Sell firewood, chimney sweep, grow food, pressure wash, fix bikes, cars or roofs, operate a backhoe, learn plumbing. Real skills, in the real world, solving real problems. Control your own income.

Third, convert some melting digits & dollars into real assets. Silver, tools, machines, RVs, land, businesses, income properties, hobby farms. Is your home location safe? High densities of people can be trouble.

Fourth, get your head right. Exercise & strengthen your inner mental & spiritual life. This costs the least but returns the most.

You may walk in the world, but you live in your head.

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