Duality is a Thing

By Mike Johnson

Duality is a thing. We're spirits inhabiting a spacesuit we call a body. Yet the body's senses bombard us with stimuli & information, distracting us from this truth.

So we're easily confused & lost.

I like to think we are far bigger than we imagine. I like to think we are not pawns under the thumbs of a powerful, global cabal that tyrannizes the world, using public leaders as front men.

When I put the tyrants out of my mind, this is true.

Then my senses throw another news story in my face & the tyrants pop right back where I left them.

So which is true? Which is "real?"

Perhaps they both are. We ARE far bigger than we imagine & we purposely selected the challenge of the tyrants to prove it to ourselves.

So gird your essence. Inhale your absolute power. Face the gunfire. Live your destiny.

You cannot lose because you've already eternally won.


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