I Own 12 Million Acres

By Mike Johnson

I own 12 million acres. It didnít cost me a dime. No maintenance. No insurance. No taxes.

I live on the border of a National Forest that connects with other forests, public wilderness areas & National Parks.

I can step out my back door, walk past a sign & hike hundreds of miles, into four different states, without seeing another soul.

Free use is as good as ownership. In many ways, better.

I also own a gas station, a Wal-Mart & Buffalo Billís town in the Rockies.

Once a month I own Billings, Montana.

I still own Minneapolis, Minnesota but due to recent events, no longer brag about it.

Wherever you go, youíre the owner. As far as you can see, as far as you can travel, itís all yours to enjoy.

Close your eyes. Luxuriate in ownership.

Open your eyes. View your kingdom.

Youíve always been a land baron. A tycoon. A zillionaire.

Wherever you stand, whatever you enjoy, you own.

Live like you know it.


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