Distracted by Days, We Drift Through Decades

By Mike Johnson

Distracted by days, we drift through decades.

Snap out of it. Saturdays are for dreaming. And sampling how a life of freedom tastes.

Today, eat dessert first. There are enough vegetables to eat on Monday.

I was never big on vegetables. Or Mondays. After decades of choking them down, I finally escaped.

It didnít have to be so difficult. If only I had this higher perspective when I was lower.

So I share it here. I toss you a rope from the summit of perpetual Saturdays. Itís not the only route, but itís likely far easier than the one youíre climbing.

Written from my Fortress of Solitude several years ago, you may have seen these words before. Read them again. Youíre a different person today.

If this is your first time, welcome to a taste of freedom.

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