Do They Deserve Your Money?

By Mike Johnson

A businessman took an overnight rail coach from Philadelphia to Chicago. He awoke badly bitten by bedbugs. He sent a nasty letter to the railroad president.

Two weeks later he received this reply:

“We were horrified to learn of your experience. This has never happened before. We immediately took that car out of service, discarded the bedding, mattress & linens and totally fumigated every coach in our company. Thank you for alerting us. Please accept our apologies.” It was signed by the president of the railroad.

The man was feeling good about the railroad again until he saw a small note remaining in the envelope.

“Send this SOB the bug letter.”

Sincerity. Concern. Love. All shattered by the railroad's dishonest reply. Through the dilution of numbers, the larger an organization, the less customers are seen as people & the more they are seen as annoyances.

Prices at large companies are cheaper for a reason.

What foul behaviors are you rewarding with your money?

Who might deserve it more?


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