From 3 Cents a Word to $3,000 a Word

By Mike Johnson

I've written for 3 cents a word & I've written for $3,000 a word. The latter was easier than the former. The first was writing for an editor. The second was writing for myself.

How the hell do you earn $3,000 a word?

You write a note to a seller that gains a $300,000 price reduction.

You write a note to 140 tenants announcing a small rent increase, increasing the value of your properties by 10 times the increase.

You write a real estate listing that sells your home, business or income property.

The math on income property is so favorable that most people don't believe it. Few ever even look into it. Which is tragic.

I was a well-paid corporate manager for 16 years. I was a well-paid freelance writer for six years. Yet I exceeded all 22 years of that income in just 8 years of income property gains.

Real estate compresses time. It jams more money into less time, gaining financial & time freedom decades sooner than working jobs & saving.

Writers are nicely-positioned because real estate requires convincing sellers & bankers to help you finance deals.

Of course talking works too. Middle managers are also well-positioned if they have people skills.

Those who are willing to learn & have a burning desire to escape the rat race may be the best positioned of all.

Haven't heard of such a thing? Perhaps it's time you looked into it.

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