Are You Normal?

By Mike Johnson

Do you wear a monkey suit for work despite preferring different clothes on the weekends?

Do you burn 30+ minutes morning & night to commute to some job?

Do you bite your tongue around defective coworkers & bosses when you’d really like to give them a piece of your mind?

Do you use payroll deduction to deposit money in your retirement account so it grows 3%, despite REAL inflation stealing 17%?

Do you leave the people you most love for 8 to 14 hours per day because someone is paying you money?

Do you let some random boss determine your work schedule, vacation schedule, rate of pay & decide if he’ll continue to give you a paycheck?

Does any of this sound “normal?”

It’s not. It only looks normal because so many other people accept it too.

There are other, more empowering ways to earn income & manage your time & money. You discover them by stepping away from the herd & doing your own research. Study people who have already achieved what you desire.

Sanity starts to return the day you realize how far off track your actions are from your desires.

Today could be that day.


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