By Mike Johnson


Let that sit for a moment. Monday.

How does that feel?

Those feelings say nothing about the day & everything about you. The day is neutral, those feelings are what you bring to it.

Those feelings were animated by past experience.

Like forgetting the individual keystrokes that programmed the computer, we forget the individual experiences but the imprint still throbs.

So the past barfs all over the present.


Today is not last Monday. Or the Monday before. Or that Monday in 1982.

For most, Monday is what they unconsciously bring to it.

For the aware, Monday is fresh clay, eager for a new shape.

When a word launches a bad feeling, it's your chance to stop, sit with it, and identify hidden programming. Now you can do something about it.

It may be too powerful to delete. But it can be ignored by starting a fresh new file.

Monday is 14% of your time on earth.

It's worth fighting for.


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