It's Arrogant to Post Anything

By Mike Johnson

Itís a bit arrogant to post anything online. There is already a perfect system in place.

If you choose well, you gain pleasure. If you choose poorly, you gain pain.

Pain shows us what we donít want, which pushes us toward what we do want.

This universal system has been developing people, at their own pace, for millennia.

Yet, as observers, who have escaped the pain, it is difficult to watch others hurt.

So we offer advice. Awareness. Information. Life lessons.

We want to ease the pain. Shorten the adversity. Speed the learning curve.

So we share advice online.

We know itís not for everyone because everyone is on a different location on a different path on a different journey.

But to someone, somewhere, our words, our experience, our story may be just what they need, right where they are.

You may be the only bible some other soul ever reads.

So keep posting. Even though itís a bit arrogant to believe you can improve upon the universe.

But then again, weíre all a piece of the universe.

So maybe your post is just what the universe needs to push that next human to pleasure.


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