#255 Ambition Has a Shelf Life

By Mike Johnson

Ambition has a shelf life. Like a rocket booster, itís needed to get into orbit, but unnecessary weight once you hit cruising velocity.

For everything there is a season. Once you reach altitude, this becomes clear.

I was propelled by many stages to get here. Employee. Freelancer. Business owner. Landlord. Investor. Retired.

Iíve jettisoned bosses. Work schedules. Responsibilities. Obligations. Debt. Ambition.

Floating weightless is a great way to live. Youíre finally immersed in the dream that once was so far away.

I know I canít coast forever. My orbit will slowly decay. I can prolong it by reducing my payload.

But one day, my momentum will cease, reentry will flare & my ďshipĒ will burn up in the atmosphere.

But Iíll be off on a new adventure. In a new ship. With fresh ambition.

I find that comforting.


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