Geezer Gospel

By Mike Johnson

Old guys have been around the block. We learned a few things the hard way. Better to buy us a beer than battle that boulder. Here are a few lines of Geezer Gospel.

You have the same amount of time Einstein had.

Search engine optimization is not a survival skill.

Network with yourself.

Donít save melting digits & dollars. Convert them to physical things. Ideally things that grow faster than the melt.

10 minutes of meditation beats 10 days of action.

It is harder to say "No" than "Yes." Yet "No" is most often the better answer.

Want peace & joy? Immerse in fewer things deeply, than many things shallowly.

The fastest path to your desires is to study people who have already achieved what you want.

If your financial planner is so smart, why isnít he already retired?

To attract a better mate, become a better person.

Time is far more valuable than money. So trading time for money is a bad, bad trade.

No one is going to save you. Itís all on YOU. Fortunately, itís all IN you.

When someone shows you they're a jerk, believe them.

A donut isnít going to kill you. A carrot isnít going to save you.

Blue jeans trump neckties.

Dogs & cats make the best coworkers.

Big Banks, Big Corporate, Big Medical, Big Media & Big Government are all owned by the same cabal. They only broadcast what they want you to believe. What nonsense have you swallowed?

On the path to your dreams, you're going to encounter lesser offers.

You are not your body. You're the being inside your body.

Whatever you focus upon expands. Whatever you ignore shrinks. Herein lies the secret of life.


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