Wonder Years & Electric Bikes

By Mike Johnson

My Wonder Years were age 5-17. I lived in a Minneapolis suburb. Same house. Same school system. Same friends.

I learned early that earned money arrived in larger quantities than begged money. Paper routes made me rich.

Bicycles made me mobile. Convenience stores. McDonald's. Dairy Queen.

In September, I returned to visit Dave, my buddy since third grade, for two days of nostalgia.

Day One we spent at the Minnesota State Fair. Just like kids. I wore a goofy grin on my face all day long. Magic.

Day Two was electric. As in electric bikes. I rented two & we spent all day riding through our old neighborhoods & haunts. Every mile had a million memories.

Pedaling by Knollwood Mall, I remember Nancy lived nearby. Iíve known her since kindergarten. So I turn down her street & Dave & I do a couple loops in front of her house. Sure enough, her dogs bark, she comes to the door & steps outside. Her face registers amazement.

2021 becomes 1971 as we straddle our bikes, next to her front step, chatting about the years since our last reunion.

We rode 25 miles that day, mostly effortless due to electricity & excitement & exploration. It was the most fun Iíve had in years. Now I want an electric bike. For sure Iíll cherish those electric memories.

You may not be able to live in the past. But you sure can visit.


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