How Triple Your Tip$

By Mike Johnson

If you work for tips, increase your results by making it fun for the tippers. We set up the following system by accident.

The store did not have two of the same size buckets, so we bought a small & a large. We were a husband/wife tour team & already had a little "Sonny & Cher" routine going where we directed some man/woman jokes toward each other. By the end of the tour, the men were siding with me & the women toward Margie.

We assigned the small tip bucket to me as the suffering male. Margie got the big bucket because despite what men want, the stereotype is that women always seem to get the most money. The size difference visual was funny by itself.

But then we cut the bottom out of my bucket so ALL the money fell into Margie's bucket.

Men would get Margie's attention, purposely drop money in MY bucket, then erupt in laughter when it fell into her bucket anyway.

Everyone had fun, the tips poured in & many people asked us to pose for photos next to those tip buckets.


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