The Thrill of the Chase

By Mike Johnson

Forrest Fenn hid his treasure chest near my house. For 13 months, I was a fulltime treasure hunter. I knew I was close. Only the finder knows exactly where, but hes revealed that Fenn hid the chest in Wyoming during a visit to Cody, Wyoming.

Like thousands of others, Im still trying to solve Fenns treasure poem even though the chest has been found.

My treasure hunt experience taught that nothing beats the thrill of the chase.

Fenn knew this & hid the chest to get people outside their homes & inside their heads.

Humans are drawn to mystery. When were researching & searching, were pulling life force through us. Were awake. Aware. Perked. Inspired. Magnetized.

Today, I fill my treasure search hole with other thrills of the chase.

Last night, I purchased the last issue needed to complete a 100-issue consecutive run of 1960s Lois Lane comic books. Next up: complete a similar run of Superboy. Just 15 to go.

Searching for them is just as fun as receiving them.

No matter what your activity -- employee, building a business, retired -- I recommend adding an element of The Thrill of the Chase.

It turns out that the journey IS the treasure.


Mike's Year As a Treasure Hunter


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