Seasonal Businesses

By Mike Johnson

If work feels like prison, perhaps it’s time to consider a halfway house. Seasonal businesses offer six months on, six months off. Opportunities abound in tourist areas.

These are often the prettiest little towns in the most spectacular locations.

Off-season, they are small villages. Charming. Wholesome. Peaceful. Safe.

On-season, a river of tourist money flows through their main streets, making half-year businesses viable for full-year income.

These are usually smaller businesses. On-season, you may work around the clock like a carnival worker. But off-season you gain six months off.

Because they are usually smaller towns, tourist town opportunities can be discovered by looking at what larger towns offer & asking “what’s missing?”

Obvious ideas are walking, vehicle or aircraft tours, electric bike rentals, river rafting, specialty museums, lodging, restaurants, gift shops, outfitting, guide service (fishing, hiking, gold panning) or RV park/campgrounds.

You can start a needed business yourself or purchase a going concern. Six-month businesses can be found in all climates. There are hundreds of tourist towns to choose from.

In 1996, when we moved to Cody, Wyoming, living on freelance writing income, we had no idea we’d start a trolley tour business. Five years later, we realized a city tour was “what was missing.”

The first season broke even. From then on, it provided a full year income during six months of work. After nine years, we sold the business & it still operates, 20 years later.

You can access that story here: How Deep is Your Mine?"

A seasonal business can be a half-step away from full-time work, in an enchanting location you might never otherwise consider.


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