Atlas Shrugged, Now Non-Fiction

By Mike Johnson

I wear this hat when I feel revolting. As in “Revolt.”

The hat is inside baseball. When I get a thumbs up or a sly nod, I know the person is on the team. They read “Atlas Shrugged.”

Who is John Galt?

John Galt is the fictional character who shut down the motor of the world to stop moochers & looters from destroying morals & character & stealing the fruits of his labor. He took the world’s top-producing men & women with him.

They created their own moral, rational, self-sufficient community named Galt’s Gulch. Every citizen there voluntarily traded value-for-value. No force. No charity. No government. No taxes.

As they thrived, the rest of the world fell apart.

Without the ability to exploit the most productive members of society, the remaining people & governments got to fully experience the painful consequences of their own values & actions.

The fictional book was written in 1957 by Ayn Rand. I enjoy reading it every few years. Hollywood refused to make the movie. So a group of under-funded, passionate believers did.

The book has 1,100 pages so it took four years of production & three movies to tell the story.

I recommend both the book & movies, which eerily mirror the world today.

“Atlas Shrugged,” now non-fiction.


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