Buy an Old Guy a Beer

By Mike Johnson

After a lifetime of research, the most fascinating things Iíve learned can never be shared on LinkedIn.

For starters, it would be censored.

Then, the majority of readers would reject it.

Which is quite the shame because there is much hidden truth that would relieve much suffering. Both now & in the immediate future.

This is the curse of age & knowledge.

You could help these people.

But you canít help these people.

LinkedIn only gets 5% of me because that is all it will allow. (Update: they've since unlawfully censored and kicked me off).

Itís not just me. Itís any older, contrarian researcher or achiever. They're stuffed with info no one requests.

Want to shave decades off your enlightenment?

Screw college. Screw your ďcareer plans.Ē

Start taking older contrarians out for a beer. They know how the world REALLY works. Theyíll blow your mind. About 15 minutes in, youíll really need that beer.

But thereís a bright side too.

Some older contrarians have a foggy idea of how the universe really works. Spoiler alert: the good guys eventually win.

I canít link anything here of the 95% Iím holding back. (Now I can & do!) And I donít like beer.

But I do sprinkle many valuable, contrarian truths throughout the content on my own website. See if you can find an obvious outlier in my long list of posts. Hint: itís closer to the middle of the list. About 248 in.

Bring your own beer. Read it if you dare.


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