Circling the Drain

By Mike Johnson

Step away from the crowd. Close your eyes. Listen intently.

That disconcerting sucking noise is the value of your savings circling the bowl as it goes down the toilet.

According to, your US dollar purchasing power is now melting at a rate of 17% per year. Put another way, if your investments aren't earning at least 17%, your savings are MELTING, not growing.

Better look closer at that retirement account.

This is why so many people are now converting their paper & digital savings into physical assets & real goods.

This isn't going to improve. The US dollar will never buy more than it buys today. Wait until tomorrow & it will buy less. History shows that every paper money system ever created eventually returns to its intrinsic value of zero.

The US dollar has lost 98% of its purchasing power since 1971. It has lost 50% since 2000. The melt has accelerated much more since covid.

We live in a world where the value of canned Spam increases 25% per year while a $100,000 bank certificate of deposit earns just 1% per year.

I won't discuss the cause of the currency devaluation here. That's obvious once you invest a few minutes in your own non-mainstream research.

I merely remind you that it's occurring 24/7/365. It's relentless. It's invisible. It's diabolical.

It's stealing 17% of your money, which means 17% of your time, energy, effort & life force. Every single day.

The smart money has already converted.

What's in your wallet?


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