By Mike Johnson

Work immerses you in life in ways nothing else can.

Iíve trudged through snow, in 40 below zero, at 4am, delivering newspapers for a dollar a day. Trudged through 100-hour weeks, in tropical Florida, slaving to publish a newspaper, for that same dollar.

Been the lone DJ, in an AM station, whispering words into dark winter skies, keeping oldies on the air.

Wrangled 500 employees, spread across three counties, operating 50 7-Elevens, keeping humanity on the move.

Iíve bussed a million tables. Washed a million dishes. Grilled a million burgers. Fried a million eggs. Served a million customers.

Read a million books. Written a million articles. Managed a million tenants. Entertained a million tourists.

Hired a million employees. Fired a million more. Conceived a million ideas. Discarded a million others.

Driven a million miles. Labored a million hours. Earned a million dollars. Spent a million more.

The numbers vary in truth, but the perception is the same. A million feels like the accurate number.

A million of everything.

One day you stop.

And look back at it all.

That sure seemed like a lot of activity.

Just to make a buck.

Then you examine the experiences. A million of those too.

And consider how they turned you into the person you are today.

Time advances.

A million people, a million possessions, a million experiences, are reduced to a million memories.

Ultimately, thatís all you get to keep.

Ultimately, that's who you become.



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