Letters to Leaders

By Mike Johnson

The earthly part of me sees leaders making a hash of the world. So I collected the contact info of my local & state leaders. Now they receive my very best writing, research & advice on how to run things better. Regularly.

Leaders work for US. They forget this. I help them remember.

Leaders get information from mainstream media. They don’t realize people in suits, on national TV, can look very confident & authoritative yet still speak total & complete nonsense. I point out their errors.

Leaders think power allows them to do anything. They forget the state & federal constitutions greatly limit their power. I remind them.

I rarely change anyone's mind. But the effort clarifies my own thoughts on the matter. Which leads to more compelling letters & suggestions. I hold the mirror up to them.

I have changed some of their behaviors. None of them have done a 180. But a few have done a 90. I have seen when leaders get push-back from citizens, they think twice before enacting the most radical moves.

History will reveal the good guys & the bad guys.

Today, many of our leaders are the bad guys. Either by direct tyranny or by passively going along with it. But they’re the decision makers. So we must confront them.

We can influence them. Educate them. Inspire them. Identify their specific constitutional violations. Hold them in check. Slow their bad behavior. Refuse to comply with anything unlawful.

Letters to the editor & posts on social media have their place. But nothing tops a direct & pointed letter, phone call or visit to the people in charge.


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