More Dairy Queen Stories Please

By Mike Johnson

Just smiled, didn't you?

Everyone deserves more "Dairy Queen" moments. Seven days a week, not just Sundaes.

I mentally travel to the wooded creek behind my childhood Dairy Queen often. The trip is free and the payoff is peace and joy.

Decades ago, I remember suffering tedious corporate meetings, doodling, while mentally straddling my Schwinn Varsity, biting into a Dilly Bar.

When the physical gets too hot to handle, we can mentally banana-split at the speed of thought.

So when you're droning on about TPS reports and increased productivity, your audience isn't smiling about the content of your presentation, they're smiling at the content of their mind.

Aware, successful speakers try to make the two match.

Sprinkle your presentations with more Dairy Queen stories.


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