Conversations With God

By Mike Johnson

You never travel alone but you can think so. Some proactively reject a "God." Others, just never took the time to search. I'm rereading this book 10 years later. If you read the first 25 pages, you'll understand how the universe works.

The practical payoff is that you'll learn how to manifest. You'll learn how to feel good all the time. You'll understand why injustice is an illusion. Your life will sing while removing the sting.

This can't be explained in words. It has to be experienced. But the words can take you to the edge of experience. You'll be encouraged to leap. You won't be sorry.

You won't lose yourself. You'll gain more of your true self. Your awareness will just dial up a few notches. Life becomes clear. You become the most aware person in the room. Every room.

You see adversity coming miles away, making it easy to step out of its path. You see through people. Decisions are easy. High confidence and high self-worth becomes your new set-point. Not arrogance. Certainty. Knowing.

Not from what you're doing but from what you've been given. You can't presently conceive of the untapped powers that come from remembering the partnership that you've forgotten.

If you've ever wondered how earth & the universe operate, this is your book.


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