Home From the Forest

By Mike Johnson

Forests have their place. Nice to visit. Invigorating to explore. Humble to experience.

But home, home is where your heart is. And where your HEAT is.

Peel off those layers. Kick off those boots. Brush off that snow. Pour a hot beverage. Toss a log on the fire. Sprawl in that deep leather chair. Open that book.

Half the fun of freezing is the luxury of rewarming.

To most, Monday through Friday is "the forest."

Saturday is home.

Over time, we want less forest and want more home.

The best way to get more home is to commit to doing so when you desire & appreciate it the most.

Saturday perhaps?

Just quietly settle in, deeply imagine yourself perpetually home & then write down the inspired thoughts that arrive. Now act on them. Just a little each day.

To ensure you make progress EVERY day, arise an hour early & give that hour to your desire first.

The repetition builds belief & progress & confidence & momentum.

The gap between who you are & who you want to be shrinks.

After months or years that seem like a brief dream, you'll step out of that freezing forest, gain permanent warmth, & write a post just like this.

Welcome home.


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