Do We Ever Arrive?

By Mike Johnson

Do we ever arrive?

Yes, yes we do.

We get exactly what we imagine. Sometimes more.

Imaginations lead to destinations.

It’s the imagining that keeps changing. It never shuts off. Which then chases us off on another quest.

LinkedIn gurus call this “leaving your comfort zone,” or “growth.”

Perhaps. But it’s exhausting.

Sometimes, “enough” is enough.

Some destinations are worth a long languish. You worked your entire flippin’ life to get here. Are you going to let random imaginations rip that away?

If you love your destination, you can dampen that imagination & slow your chasing.

Just change your mental recipe.

Remove one cup of imagination & add two cups of gratitude.

If where you are is where you want to be, gratitude reminds you. It’s a joyful feedback loop that never stops spinning.

Freshen the view by looking at it through the eyes of the younger you scrambling to get here. So much struggle & pain! Your toughest adversities are now testaments to the size of your achievement.

After all those years, all those stretch goals, all that work, you’ve arrived. Relish it. Settle into it. Appreciate it.

You don’t have to prove anything to anyone because you’ve proven it to yourself.

Can you imagine a better destination than that?


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