Paychecks No Longer Work

By Mike Johnson

For most, paychecks no longer work. They do not provide enough purchase power to support an average lifestyle. Yet they take an above average amount of time & still come up short.

Most households now need at least two incomes to stay afloat.

It wasn’t always this way. In the 1950’s & 1960’s one income was enough to support a family & provide a middle-class lifestyle. This started to erode when government massively increased social programs & warfare in the late sixties.

The new billions needed were created from thin air, diluting the currency already in existence, making it worth less. Wages never kept up with the melt. This has only grown worse over time.

Some experts measure how inflation calculations were changed over the years & calculate there has been no real gain in incomes since the 1970’s. Others say the inflated stock market hasn’t shown real gains since then either.

Purchase power is what comes up short, but time, energy & life force is what was actually stolen.

The pressures on purchase power, combined with increased welfare & warfare – & the drugs & alcohol used to cope with it all -- fractured the family unit, which has led to our largest problems today.

The scam is fully exposed by stepping back & examining how we’re trained to earn income & live our lives.

We're taught to go to college (go into debt $100K+), get a good job, then work, save & invest 40 years so we can retire at age 65.

They’re pushing everyone into melting paycheck income, which no longer adequately sustains us. Worse, they’re telling us to do it for 40 years!


There is no group solution. But there is a solution for motivated individuals.

Equity income.

Equity income does what you cannot. It earns income 24/7/365. Even while you sleep. The most common sources are business ownership & rental properties.

With the right equity income, one source is enough to provide a middle or upper class lifestyle during your ownership. You then maintain the same or better lifestyle after you sell & retire.

Imagine being able to fund your dreams without loans. A simple car no longer takes five years to pay off, you just write a check & it’s yours. If you want new carpet or new furniture or a home addition, you just write a check. No more using credit cards to fund Christmas or vacation. No more fear of an unexpected car or home repair.

The right equity income provides a financial buffer. A buffer large enough to advance through your checklist of dreams.

There is a learning curve. But the learning is no more difficult than a college degree or the processes at a new job.

It starts with a bigger overview of your income choices. I share that overview in this link: “The Many Ways to Earn Income Without Jobs.”

Your time & income are far too important to depend on some job.


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