Uncommon Thoughts

By Mike Johnson

When you see a large crowd of people, I’m the guy as far away as humanly possible.

I’m naturally an introvert & recluse.

Oh, I can suck it up & be an extrovert & social magpie for short periods of time. I am quite good at it. It got me jobs, businesses & even a spouse.

But only because I was able to step away into solitude to ponder & quietly recharge.

I do the same with ideas.

When you see a crowd believing & obeying the same ideas, I’m the guy as far away from those ideas as possible.

The greatest advances in human history were due to individuals questioning & rejecting conventional wisdom.

Any knucklehead can believe the sky is blue & the earth is round. I’m the guy investigating other possibilities about those same "facts."

Until you look beneath the surface dogma, all you see is the surface.

The degree you’re willing to question the socially “obvious,” determines the degree of your intellectual bravery.

This intellectual bravery leads to your best personal discoveries -- “better ways to do things.” These better ways can create an amazing, custom-designed life that group-thinkers can’t even conceive.

I’ve discovered that anything you look at deeper, is different than the way it’s publicly portrayed.

Events. People. Science. Money. History. Death. And worst of all – conventional wisdom.

Group thinking is dangerous. It conforms. Kills originality. Develops into mass psychosis. Separates & persecutes non-believers. Stampedes over cliffs.

There is an infinite amount of information, free for anyone to search themselves. Yet many still allow others (media & “experts”) to curate the most critically important information FOR them. They never realize that purposeful omissions are the biggest lies, designed to control & enslave them, making their lives less.

The more people between you & the information, the more chance it is wrong, biased, manipulated or hidden. Bad or partial information in, bad or partial life out.

This is obvious to those who’ve studied human nature & history. But to others, media is so effortless – push a button, get information -- that they willingly, uncritically, blindly invite it deep into their brain.

Then make life decisions based on that bad information.

If the topic is important to you, question group thinking. Curate your own "news." Do your own research. Become your own expert. Make your own choices. Blaze your own trail.

When it comes to you & your life, you can always become the smartest person in the room.

If you desire an uncommon life, you must entertain uncommon thoughts.


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